Frozen Yogurt Bark - Protein and High Fat Edition

Frozen Yogurt Bark - Protein and High Fat Edition

Frozen Yogurt Bark is taking TikTok and Instagram by storm! One of our customer friends, Maren, shared a recipe with me and the question of the day was - can we make this Frozen Yogurt Bark but with added protein and more healthy fats?

The answer was yes! 

Watch us make the recipe below LIVE! 



This Frozen Yogurt Bark - Protein Edition is a healthy and refreshing combination of High Fat Yogurt, Keto Chow Meal Replacement, Coco Polo Chocolate Chips, Pili Hunter's Pili Nuts and Frozen Berries that is super simple to make and packed with protein and fats.

It's also keto friendly, low carb, vegetarian and perfect on those days when you want something sweet and filling without a huge sugar spike. Plus it's kid and adult approved which is a HUGE bonus!





This is one of our favourite 5 minute prep recipes, made with frozen mixed berries, Keto Chow Vanilla, Coco Polo Chocolate Chips, Pili Hunter's Pili Nuts. It's super simple to throw together.

We recommend Liberte Yogurt Brand - 10% fat and frozen strawberries, but the best part of this recipe is you can mix and match. Add any Keto Chow Flavour, a nut butter, some nuts and a fruit!


What's the best way to store the yogurt bark?

After a few hours in the freezer or the next day, you can break the frozen yogurt bark into pieces with your hands and store in a glass container. Otherwise, you can also continue to store it in the pan, but the longer you leave it in the freezer, it may cause freezer burn.  

Does the bark melt?

Yes - similar to ice cream, it may start to melt. If this happens, enjoy it with a spoon. 

What's the texture like?

The best way to describe it is creamy, melt in your mouth texture. Frozen Yogurt Bark can be hard right when you take it out of the fridge but it's melt in your mouth and after a few minutes it's creamier. Enjoy quickly or it can melt, in which case put it in a bowl and enjoy with the spoon!  

Can I use any protein? 

Absolutely! You can use Philosophie Superfood Protein for a vegan option. Berry Bliss and Cacao Magic would be fantastic! 

Can I make frozen yogurt bark vegan or dairy free? 

Absolutely! We'll be testing out a recipe soon with Coconut Yogurt, Evolved Chocolate which is an entirely vegan chocolate line that we carry and it's delicious! Pili Hunter's pili nuts are vegan and delicious. 

Keto Chow Frozen Yogurt Bark Recipe

Prep time: 10 minutes | Total time: 10 minutes



These instructions cannot get any easier!

STEP 1: Add the frozen yogurt and Keto Chow protein into a bowl.

STEP 2: Whisk together for 2-3 minutes until smooth or until your desired consistency is reached.  The more you whisk and blend, the smoother the texture.

STEP 3: Using a spatula, spread the yogurt on to 2 pans that are lined with parchment paper (not wax paper or foil). Spread evenly. 

*note that because the Keto Chow makes the yogurt fluffier and thicker, you can spread it across 2 pans!

STEP 4: The fun part! Add your toppings - Pili Nuts, Frozen Berries, Coco Polo Chocolate Chips, and place in the freezer! 

We love topping our Yogurt Bark with everything just cuz we fancy like that :)


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