Making Ice Cream in the NINJA CREAMi with Keto Chow - Low Carb & Sugar Free

Making Ice Cream in the NINJA CREAMi with Keto Chow - Low Carb & Sugar Free

The newest way to make delicious keto ice cream is with the NINJA CREAMi - it only takes a few minutes and gives AMAZING results! Did you know that you can use regular Keto Chow (with heavy cream OR with butter) though? Not only is it delicious, but it's also rock-solid nutrition with 26g of protein and all the vitamins and minerals you need. Does the idea of eating a pint of keto ice cream for a meal sound appealing to you? Zero guilt, delicious and quick!

This ice cream is diabetic friendly, low carb, gluten free, has no sugar added, and requires only 3 ingredients - Keto Chow Flavour of Choice, Fat of Choice, Water. 

In this show below - Neha, the owner behind SwitchGrocery makes a pint of low carb ice cream and taste tastes the ice cream. She then taste tests it LIVE! You will see a demo of the Ninja Creami ice cream maker. 




What's different about a Ninja Creami?

The NINJA CREAMi as Serious Keto says is an "ice cream transformer" not just an ice cream maker. There's a blade at the bottom which really helps many sugar free and keto ice creams which are generally really hard - and you have to wait for them to soften.

Generally we use the lite ice cream option. 

Quick and Easy Recipe for Low Carb and Sugar Free Ice Cream


 Make Keto Chow as you normally would:

Option 1: Melted Butter and Keto Chow flavour of choice 

Option 2: Heavy Cream and Keto Chow flavour of choice

For amounts, go here.

Starting amounts: 

Fat Source Serving Size**
Butter 56g 
Heavy Cream 1/2 cup


Amount of water to add: A NINJA CREAMi container is max 2 cups. So ensure that the water does not go above that, that's a bit less water than usual.

Keep this in the freezer overnight or for 24 hours.

Put the bowl back in the NINJA CREAMi. Turn it and twist it up and it engages. 

We have found best results from the lite ice cream option, which is designed for ice cream using less heavy cream. Hit that button. 

Open and check! You will see some powder near the top which is normal. 

You can run a respin which allows you to get rid of the powdery texture. You can run that again.

You can then add in your ingredients to mix in, make sure it's all the way down. Mix ins can be Coco Polo chocolate Chips, Nuts!

Run the re-spin again! 


Questions about making Keto Chow in the NINJA Creami

How do I make a single serve ice cream for myself?

The easiest way to make a single serve is use the SwitchGrocery blender bottle. There's measurement lines on the blender bottle. Fill up the heavy cream to 1/2 cup. Add in a scoop of your Keto Chow Flavour. Fill up with more water (let's say 1/2 way) and then shake shake shake. Pour into the NINJA CREAMi Cup. Now add more water to the shaker bottle to get the rest of it, shake shake shake and pour up to the 2 cup line in the NINJA CREAMi.

You can place this in the freezer directly.

This video shows you exactly how to make a single serve ice cream.  

How long do you need to freeze the Ice Cream?

Generally 24 hours. But if you have a powerful freezer and more air flow, it would freeze faster, maybe even in 12 hours. 

What fat is best to use for ice cream?

Chris from Keto Chow has tried butter and heavy cream and both have worked very well with the NINJA CREAMi. Chris has tried 1/2 a stick of butter or 1/3 a stick of butter and it all works. Remember to use melted butter and warm water. 

Butter is always cheaper than heavy cream.

I (Neha) have used a blend of coconut, cashew and almond JOI nutmilk. It works really well too! I've used 2 scoops of JOI almond and 2 scoops of JOI cashew and it's DELICIOUS! I find this to be very creamy and less of the "mouth coating" feeling - see drawbacks section below.

How much fat do I use? 

This is entirely up to you! Chris uses 1/2 a stick of butter or 1/2 cup of heavy cream. The less fat you use the less creamy it can be, but if you mix it really well in the NINJA CREAMi it will be fine!

How do you mix Keto Chow to fit in the NINJA CREAMi Cup? 

In the cup, there is a 2 cup fill line. The reason for this is that one of the hallmarks of ice cream is that you are mixing in air. Small ice crystal size and air are necessary for good ice cream. The blade has to fit in there too. 

That means a normal Keto Chow is too much liquid. It will be more than 2 cups. This video shows you exactly how to make a single serve ice cream.  

Another example is: Make 2 Keto Chow Shakes and they fit into 3 NINJA CREAMi cups. 

Do I need to add anything to the Keto Chow ice cream?

Nope. Keep it simple! 

Do you need to open the lid during respins in the NINJA CREAMi and wipe the blade?

You don't have to, but remember it will look powdery near the top. I don't mind really mind the powdery, but you are welcome to run a cycle and disengage, clean it. I generally just run respins after disengaging and re-engaging.

How many respins do need to run?

Depends on how the frozen it is, how much fat is in there. You can run as many as you want. I've run between 2 and 4. The lite ice cream button spins at a higher speed and for a longer time which works better for an ice cream that has more water in it - which Keto Chow does - as opposed to a traditional ice cream recipe that has heavy cream and sugar. 

Best answer - run it as many times until you get the consistency you want.

Which button works best?

I get better results using the lite ice cream button than other buttons. But you can play around with it.

Can you put the ice cream back in the freezer?

Yes! You can run it back through the CREAMi. But I would recommend that you take your spoon and flatting it down and then run it through the CREAMi again. 

Is this a meal?

Yes! This pint of ice cream is a meal. It's Keto Chow but in the form of ice cream. This is amazing - having ice cream for 1 meal a day!

Can I add mix in ingredients during the melting down of the ice cream and mixing in?

Yes! I love adding Coco Polo chocolate chips. Make sure to do this after the first spin - make a whole all the way to the bottom with a spoon and put in your mix ins. You can add Pili Nuts. You can add other nuts or fruits! This pint of ice cream is a meal. It's Keto Chow but in the form of ice cream. This is amazing - having ice cream for 1 meal a day!

Any drawbacks? 

It's very creamy but sometimes the flavour can be muted. As Steve from Serious Keto articulated, cold tends to blunt flavour, so sometimes the flavour can feel a bit less powerful. If you're used to low carb ice cream, you will taste a good amount of flavour. Sometimes there is a mouth coating with this ice cream when you use heavy cream! 

The NINJA CREAMi is loud - so that's something to consider especially if you have kiddos or pets at home who don't like loud noises.

How can I make Keto Chow more flavourful? 

As Steve from Serious Keto says, Here's a tip for more flavour straight from a Customer Friend: Keep the made Keto Chow in the fridge for the electrolytes to settle for 1 - 2 days and THEN put it in the freezer for extra flavour, and less of the salt taste.

Is the NINJA CREAMi worth the investment? 

The NINJA CREAMi also has an investment upfront in the machine. If you LOVE ice cream or sherbet or gelato and would enjoy it frequently, then this is a great purchase. 

Personally, I LOVE ice cream and I have a lot of cravings for it. I live in one of the largest cities in North America - Toronto and can I tell you - there are still very few ready to eat QUALITY low carb ice creams. 

So the fact that I can eat a meal as an ice cream, it did make this investment worth it for me. I have heard that you can make ice cream recipes really easy in a blender too (and I have done so) so if that's what you have - hopefully this Q&A encourages you to just make ice cream with Keto Chow!

Any more how to's? 


Absolutely! Miriam from Keto Chow does a little show and tell in this video below with Strawberry Lemon Ice Cream.


Chris from Keto Chow does a demo of how to make ice cream (simple) using Keto Chow.

What flavour is best for Keto Chow Ice Cream? 

The world is your Keto Chow Flavour Oyster! You can use any flavour. Bryan loves Chocolate Peanut Butter or Chocolate. I love Blueberry Pie, Raspberry Cheesecake.