Muskoka Mornings Egg White Protein

Muskoka Mornings Egg White Protein Powder has just one ingredient, Egg Whites!

Muskoka Mornings® No Yolking Egg White Protein Powder has only 1 ingredient, EGG WHITES!  It's simply an easy way to get more protein in your diet and help support muscle growth and repair, immune functions, hormone regulation and it’s also low carb, keto and great for people with diabetes.

The egg white is the best part of the egg in terms of its impact on nutritional growth. Muskoka Mornings Egg White Protein is made in Canada with eggs sourced directly from Canadian farms. The protein is fermented, which helps to prolong shelf life and ensures you are getting 100% pure egg white protein! 

It’s also dairy-free, sugar-free and has 17g of protein per serving. Use this in pancakes, your favourite PSMF bread recipe, dressings and dips, smoothies and face masks too!


Stick to your goals with Muskoka Mornings Egg White Protein

Muskoka Mornings makes it easy for you to include protein in your daily routine.  You can add it to your favourite recipes and you’ll stay full until your next meal. Add it to your morning egg scramble and latte, and even your salad dressing at lunch, and you’ll be super satiated through the day, helping you cut back on cravings and the need to snack throughout the day (which adds to grocery costs!). 

Benefits of using Egg White Protein in your diet?

  • it’s a complete protein, it contains all nine essential amino acids that the body needs but cannot produce on its own.
  • egg whites have the highest protein digestibility-corrected amino acid score (PDCAAS). 
  • egg white protein is easily absorbed and used by the body. 
  • It’s dairy free, dairy-based proteins like whey and casein are byproducts of cheese and yogurt production.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is egg white protein only to build muscle?

There’s a common misconception that protein is used solely to build muscle when in reality protein has a plethora of other exceptional benefits for our bodies.

Muskoka Morning supports muscle-building needs, fat loss goals, maintenance of blood sugar levels, and hair growth. You no longer need to solely look to build mass amounts of muscle in order to benefit from supplementing with protein powder. Whether your goal is to build muscle or maintain an overall healthy body, our clean protein is right for you.

What is PSMF?

PSMF or Protein Sparing Modified Fast is a diet where it essentially removes most carbohydrates and fats which leaves you primarily eating protein.  There are several PSMF recipes like this PSMF Bread and this Key Lime Pie Recipe.

About the Founder

Kerry Foreman, the founder of Muskoka Mornings, has been in the health and wellness industry for 30 years as owner of Beauty Comes Naturally in Muskoka.

When hit with Adrenal Fatigue herself as a single working mother juggling and struggling to make it through the day, she set out to find ways to restore her health. 

Through a combination of yoga, getting out into nature and focusing more on the effects of food on the body, great healing took place.

One of the key foundations in good health is stabilizing blood sugar levels, whether keto, diabetic or just focused on health. The body requires protein to aid in this and is required to make hormones along with protein being the building block for our neurotransmitters. Our cells need a way to talk to each other for the body to function properly, thus their first product No Yolking™ was born.