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Whisps Cheese crisps are the perfect low carb keto friendly snack!


So many amazing foods are created because someone couldn't find what they wanted, and Whisps is no different! The founders were searching for the best cheese snack but just couldn't find it, so they created it themselves!! 

Whisps cheese crisps are made from just one awesome ingredient, their award-winning Cello Cheese.  Low carb, keto friendly, high in protein and packed with flavour, these cheese crisps are a guilt-free indulgence! 

Our favourite ideas: Charcuterie boards, Salads (crouton replacement anyone?!!), Snack Mixes and my personal favourite... Right out of the bag!!

Whisps are Gluten Free, Grain Free and sugar free snacks and are available in many different flavours just for you! 



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