About Us

Oh hi! Thank you for visiting this page to learn more about us. 


2 reasons for our existence

We exist to provide support to you your individual health journey. You are not alone. 

We exist to make it easier for you to find food products beyond those you find in typical grocery stores. 


Okay seriously who are you

SwitchGrocery is an online store that brings innovative food products to Canadians faster than traditional retail.

We carry a variety of delicious low carb or grain free products.

We focus on selecting a few products per category to support our customers with making faster and easier purchase decisions!

We ship across Canada from coast to coast to coast which means we proudly ship to all provinces and territories!

What makes you different?

We love this question!

We eat it all! Every brand we choose to carry in our store has been tried and tested by our team and we know the team behind the company. We don't sell anything that we would not eat at home. 

Our products are all grain free or low carb. We eat this way at home with some flexibility.   

Some of the products we carry are exclusive to us! We may be the only retailer to carry it in Canada, we get access to new flavours and options first. 

We are a highly social company. We show up every single day to support our customers whether it is through an email, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter - you name it. We are there! 


What do your customers say about you

Our most important value is that we meet our customers where they are.  Our Customer Friends (as we call them) explain it better than we can.

“This is more than just an online store - it’s a community. You’re not just a customer here, you’re family.”

“The first thing that struck me was not the products or resources but the values behind the company.”

“My love for this company started long before I ever bought a thing from them.”

“When I email them, I feel there is a real person caring about anything I say. Responding, like they actually read my email. Not just a generic response. That is so important. It almost feels like shopping local.”

“This is my go-to website for keto and low carb items! I love the owner's spirit and mentality towards the items she brings in.”

We believe that every person wants to be seen, heard, and acknowledged, just like we do. That does not happen by calling anyone a follower or treating everyone the same. We share as much as we can on social media about all the issues we face as part of our day to day running of SwitchGrocery– our process for sourcing products, our health challenges and wins, the stories of our suppliers, stressors during the pandemic and gender inequality. We share free recipes and tips and tricks for all the products we carry. We believe we are here to encourage and empower our Customer Friends and ourselves and show up every day to do just that. 


I have a question

Visit our FAQ - where we have the answer to shipping, delivery times, and more! 


Our most important value is that we meet our customers where they are.  Our Customer Friends (as we call them) explain it better than we can.