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Keto Brick - Chocolate Malt

Keto Brick - Chocolate Malt

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Keto Brick is a high performance food made for people who follow keto or want a quality, delicious and easy to eat food for when they're on the go, or just too busy to make lunch.  Keto Brick was founded by Robert, also known as Keto Savage on social media, from his own search for the ideal performance product for himself. 

Chocolate Malt Keto Brick is everything you could want! It is completely customizable, have as much or as little as you want depending on need, it's easy to take with you AND its chocolate, so it's delicious! 

Shelf Life


Keto Bricks currently have a shelf life of 1 and a half years from production (which is the date on the package)! However, all Bricks containing nut butters have a shelf life of roughly 6 months. The manufacture date is on each brick for reference! 

*Note: While these bricks are shelf-stable, we recommend they be placed in the fridge for maximum freshness and flavor. Again, totally NOT necessary but recommended.


Raw organic cacao butter, Grass-fed whey protein (Grass-fed whey protein, natural cocoa powder, natural chocolate flavouring, Himalayan pink salt, stevia, guar gum), MCT powder (MCT oil, acacia fiber), Raw organic cacao nibs, Organic Cacao Powder, Ancient Sea Salt

Allergens: Contains Milk/Diary

Nutritional Information 


Keto friendly, Low Carb, Sugar Free, Wheat Free, Gluten Free, High Protein, Paleo, Non-GMO, Less Sugar

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Casandra W. (Toronto, Canada)
Pretty good

This flavour takes third or fourth for me. It's a great chocolate base with crunchy cacao nibs inside but I find I need to be in the mood for crunchy.

Margaret D. (Winnipeg, Canada)
Keto brick snack

I have found that 1/4 of a brick is a perfect amount for a mid day meal or snack. I slice it into small pieces and eat it slowly. I think it would be helpful for traveling or hiking if you don't want to eat airport food or build a fire. Cut it up before heading out, as it is a big bar to chew on.

Anonymous (Greater Sudbury, Canada)
Not bad

Not bad taste, good low carb snack.


Makes the best Bark when melted down

David (Salmon Arm, Canada)
Keto Brick Rocks

These are a game changer for me. When I am travelling for work Keto Bricks keep me on plan. Have you ever been in an airport or at a conference and your only choices are bad and worse? Keto brick provides a great tasting product line that has solved this problem for me and Switch Grocery is the best place to buy them in Canada.