Good Dee's Instagram Live - Tips & Tricks!

10 Keto Treats That Actually Taste Good and meet the founder of Good Dee's!

Good Dee's Top 10 Tips and Meet Deana! 

Recently, we did an Instagram Live with Deana, the founder of Good Dee's low carb baking mixes and learned a lot about the company and some great tips and tricks for each of the mixes! Below you will find some great notes from the Instagram Live, but feel free to watch/listen to the video below: 


How did Good Dee’s Come to Be?

  • Deana started her business after having her first baby. She noticed post-pregnancy body and metabolism changes that made losing weight the “calorie counting” way more difficult. After doing some research, she found the keto/low carb lifestyle.
  • Deana also discovered how much sugar is a trigger for her, which made sense since diabetes runs in her family.
  • This prompted her to start baking and experimenting with low carb flours and sweeteners.
  • With the support of her entrepreneur family, she then launched Good Dee’s!
  • All of the Good Dee's Baking mixes are keto, low carb, sugar free, grain free AND gluten free! 

    Recipe Ideas for each Low Carb Baking Mix!

    1) Fruit Snack Cake

    • Use the Good Dee's Yellow Snack Cake and follow ingredients on the back. 
    • Add 1 tsp lemon extract or orange extract to wet ingredients
    • Add ¼ cup unsweetened, shredded coconut to the dry mix
    • Top with berries and whipped cream

    Oscar's tip:

    2) Chocolate Snack Cake

    • Use the Good Dee's Chocolate Snack Cake and follow ingredients on the back. 
    • Add nuts to dry mix
    • Top with a peanut butter cream cheese swirl or whipped cream

    3) Chocolate Chip "Brookies"

    • Make a “brookie!”: top one layer of chocolate chip cookie mix with the brownie mix. 
    • Add Coco Polo baking buttons to the brownies to make them "fudgier'

    4) Rosewater Infused Blondies

    • Use the Good Dee's Blondies mix and follow instructions on the back. 
    • Add rosewater and sliced almonds (¼ cup to dry mix OR sprinkle on top and press in) for a middle eastern twist!
    • Add 1 tsp lemon extract to wet ingredients
    • Banana flavour: add 1 tsp banana extract to wet ingredients, mix some nuts into dry mix, and top with cream cheese layer, after baking!

    5) Double Chocolate Chip Cookie!

    • Use the Good Dee's Double Chocolate Chip Cookie Baking Mix. 
    • Can be made with a flax or chia egg, for an egg-free alternative
    • Add walnuts

    6) Sugar-Free Lemon Cookie

    • Use the Good Dee's Sugar (free) Cookie
    • Add 1 tsp lemon extract to wet ingredients
    • Can use melted coconut butter instead
    • Can replace oil with peanut butter

    Neha's tip:

    • Freezes amazingly and tastes awesome out of the freezer!

    7) Muffins

    • Use Good Dee's Muffin Baking Mix and follow instructions on the back. 
    • For savoury muffins, use olive oil instead of butter or coconut oil
    • Add shredded mozzarella, shredded zucchini, or za’atar spice

    Neha's tip:

    Oscar made this 2 ways - pictures here

    • Chive & Cheddar
    • Dill & Goat Cheese 

    Eden (our Customer Friend!) tip of the year: 

    8) Pancakes

    • Use Good Dee's Pancake Baking Mix and follow instructions on the back. 
    • Use pancake mix to make scones! Add one egg to the full mix with any flavouring of choice, and then bake on parchment paper
    • Can also use pancake mix to make a “quick bread”; use 2-3 eggs with ¼ cup oil.

    Neha's tips for pancakes:

    9) Corn Bread Mix 

    • Use the Good Dee's Corn (Free) Bread Baking mix and follow instructions on the back. 
    • Came about from being born and raised in Austin, Texas
    • Has no sugar alcohols!
    • Recommends adding unsweetened sweet cream butter

    10) Snickerdoodle Cinnamon Cookie

    • The newest hit in Canada at the our Good Dee's Bake Off Meetup in Toronto!
    • Top with your favourite sugar free nut butter and toasted pecans for a nutty flavour
    • Sift some sugar free confectioners sugar for a tasty snow cookie
    • Layer with sugar free raspberry jam for a great double layered snickerdoodle
    Other Tips and Tricks?
    For first timers:
    • Start with the brownie, blondies, or yellow snack cake mixes
    What is a great “go to” mix for a party?
    • Brownies or sugar (free) cookies are usually a hit!
    Tips for camping:
    • Individually wrap in in paper towel (for moisture) and then bag and bring with you! Should be good for a few days (2-4)

    Tips for freezing:

    • The mixes freeze really well in a ziploc baggie!


    • Mixes can be a little pricey, as these are expensive to make.
    • Deana shares being “particular about what I make,” and focusing on the best ingredients possible, which can come at a certain price point
    • Fibres contained in mixes are prebiotic fibres from tapioca (grain free)
    • Particular brands used in mixes have been around for a long time
    • Chose these brands specifically because does not raise blood sugar

    You can learn more about Good Dee’s and Deana on her website or Instagram page! 

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