SwitchGrocery Tasting Show: Dairy Free, Plant Based JOI Nut Milks in Canada

SwitchGrocery Tasting Show: Dairy Free, Plant Based JOI Nut Milks in Canada

Watch as Neha (founder and CEO of SwitchGrocery) tries out all the dairy free and sustainable nut milks and powders available now in Canada! Don't have time to watch the full YouTube video? Check out the summary of each dairy free nut milk blend below.

JOI Milk is a one-ingredient dairy-free, plant-based milk concentrate that you can use to make fresh milk in just 30 seconds. Shop for JOI Nut Milk from our online store at SwitchGrocery. We sell a wide variety of JOI nut base, including cashew, almond and hazelnut options. Besides JOI plant milk, we also sell a wide variety of paleo goods and gluten-free products

Taste Test One by One

JOI Organic Oat Milk Powder (Watch on YouTube

The Future of Oat Milk has arrived with JOI's Organic Oat Milk Powder! Like their Plant Milk Bases, it's made with Just One Ingredient and it's packaged in a compostable pouch! 

Tasting Notes - smooth, not overpowering, gluten free oats, creamy, 2nd smoothest

JOI Cashew Hazelnut Oat Milk (Watch on YouTube)

This is called the Barista Blend and the name holds up! Designed for superior steaming, frothing, and no separation, this is a perfect counterpart to your morning ritual.

Tasting Notes - Creamier, richer, fuller, taste, 4 ingredients, subtle hazelnut, deepest

JOI Almond Milk (Watch on YouTube)

This Almond Base is made of just one ingredient — blanched California almonds. JOI uses the entire nut (minus the skin), so you benefit from all the natural protein, fat, and fibre of whole almonds. 

Tasting Notes - nutty almond flavour, still frothy

JOI Cashew Milk (Watch on YouTube)

This Cashew Base is made of just one ingredient — cashews. JOI uses the entire nut, so you benefit from all the natural protein, fat and fibre of whole cashews.

Tasting Notes - full cashew flavour, frothy, not as nutty as almond

Why Choose JOI?

This creamer is 100% customizable - adjust the consistency by adding more or less water and personalise the flavour with your choice of spices like Burlap & Barrel, sweeteners like SweetMonk and flavourings like Origin Vanilla or OliveNation. Make up to 27 cups of non-dairy creamer with JOI's innovative nut milk. Just add water and blend to your perfect consistency. You can store this in your fridge for up to 7 days for optimum freshness.

Who Needs to Try JOI?

Anyone who follows a plant based, vegan, or dairy free lifestyle will love having JOI in their pantry! It makes having nut milk on hand so easy and requires very little shelf space unlike the other large cartons you may have to store. This makes for the frothiest lattes, creamiest nut milks for cereals, or a great dairy free addition to baking/ cooking. Even if you’re not dairy free and want to see what the hype is about, you’re going to love JOI nut milks for every day use.

Some 5 Star Reviews 🌟 

“This product tastes great, is so convenient and saves me money.” - Esther

“This product is much better than the store bought cartons of almond milk. I love the nutty flavour. It also has zero preservatives which was the selling point for my husband and I. I have ordered the large tub of it.” - Jade

“I bought one of these to try it. I get frustrated trying to find almond milk without additives. This is delicious, easy to use, clean ingredients and does not need refrigeration. Great find. I make my Matcha with it every day and it is delicious. I have ordered more so I never run out.” - Starr

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