Dairy Free Foods

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What does a Dairy Free Diet mean?

A dairy-free diet excludes foods that contain dairy and dairy by products, usually for health reasons.

Is eating a Dairy Free diet Healthy?

There are several reasons to go dairy free, including: 

  1. A Dairy Intolerance: Many people today experience bloating, gas and just a general feeling of uncomfortableness when eating dairy (this includes those with lactose intolerance as well as others). Lactose intolerance occurs when the enzyme that digests lactose, “lactase,” is not functioning correctly. Removing dairy products from your diet can give your body a break and prevent you from experiencing uncomfortable symptoms.
  2. A Dairy Allergy:Dairy allergies are becoming more and more common. Those who suffer from a dairy allergy may experience an immune response with potentially serious symptoms when consuming ANY dairy.
  3. A Leaky Gut:Dairy can cause inflammation in people. This can be due to the highly processed nature and additives in many dairy products that can feed unhealthy gut bacteria and cause digestive issues.
  4. Acne:If your body dislikes dairy, it is probably causing inflammation in your body, which is a potential cause for acne.
  5. Weight Loss: Dairy products, through some of the issues above, can hinder weight loss

What can You Eat on a Dairy-Free Diet?

    Foods that are Safe to Eat:

    • Drinks: Anything that doesn’t include dairy or dairy by products.  The most common issue is coffee creamer, so replace that with a nut milk or other alternative.
    • Bread & Cereals: Replace Milk or Butter with alternative ingredients and you’ve got dairy free baking!
    • Fats: Avoid butter and cream and instead use coconut oil, olive oil or even Ghee works for some people, as the lactose has been removed and in many cases, it is no longer considered dairy.
    • Meat, Fish, Poultry, Eggs: Any except where prepared with a dairy product (cream, milk, cheese etc)
    • Many more – just make sure that dairy is not an ingredient and you are good!

    Tips for Going Dairy-Free

    1. Learn about the food you eat!Learn what’s in the food you eat and how it impacts your body!

    Our Favourite Dairy-Free foods:

    Enjoy pure home-made almond milk, cashew milk and oat milk with JOI Plant Milk Concentrates! Delicious as a coffee creamer, in your smoothies or just to enjoy on it’s own!  It is also perfect for adding a creamy texture to your cooking without adding dairy!

    Bake yourself a treat with Good Dee’s Baking Mixes, all of which can be made dairy free with easy substitutions! Bonus, they’re also gluten free baking mixes!

    Dairy Free Protein powder can be hard, so try Philosophie Superfood protein powders, made with hemp protein!!

    Amp up the flavours with Abokichi Miso Sauces!

    Sometimes finding a delicious dairy free snack bar can be hard, but YoFiit has you covered.  Dairy Free, Gluten Free and even sugar free but so delicious!

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