Welcome TikTok Canada to SwitchGrocery

Welcome to SwitchGrocery Canada from TikTok

What will you find on our Tik Tok?

  • I can't talk right now. I'm doing small business s***

Who are we?

  • Online store
  • We sell food products you can't find anywhere else!
  • Oh, they are grain free or low carb and sugar free
  • We ship right to your door all across Canada!
  • Even better - every product we carry has a small business behind it. A chef who made the product and actually cares about you.
  • Not convinced? We eat everything we sell, so we have to love it to list it! 86% 5 star reviews.

Where should you start?

If you are keto, low carb:

  • Keto Bars - Vegan, Low Carb and Sugar Free on the go Bars! 
  • Keto Chow - meal replacement that saves you time. Bonus: Delicious!
  • Good Dee's - baking mixes that are literally delicious

If you are grain free:

If you are plant based or dairy free:

  • JOI Nutmilks - add, blend, mix. Just one ingredient - nuts! 

Otherwise, head on to our homepage and start exploring!

What people say on Google?

“The first thing that struck me was not the products or resources but the values behind the company.”

“This is my go-to website for keto and low carb items! I love the owner's spirit and mentality towards the items she brings in.”

“My love for this company started long before I ever bought a thing from them.”

I want to get to know you

YES! You don't have to buy from us. We do free tips, tricks and recipes and jokes, and we get emotional too. We live on social media


Lots of love,

Neha and the SwitchGrocery team


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