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7 Keto Bar Hacks

Keto Bars are some of our favourite snacks! Not only are they amazing for people on Keto, but they are just plain amazing! They have some of the cleanest ingredients you will find in any bar, and whether you are grain free, sugar free, gluten free, vegan, low carb, keto or really just love food, these bars are perfect!

Keto Bars sent out an amazing email with tips and tricks from their customers on different ways to use Keto Bars, and I loved it so wanted to share with you!

Their top tips and tricks!

  1. Nut Butter!
  2. Cream Cheese?!
  3. Ice Cream Crumble
  4. Crust for Cheesecake?!
  5. Mug Cake!
  6. PB&J?!
  7. and adding one of our own, ICE CREAM SANDWICH

Nut Butter!

Try adding your favourite nut butter on top of your Keto Bar!

LOVE adding nut butters on top of my Keto Bars! My favourite is Fatso Cocoa on top of the Chocolate Peanut Butter Keto Bar!  SOOO Good!

Keto Bars with Fatso Peanut Butter on SwitchGrocery Canada

Cream Cheese on Chocolate Covered Strawberry!!!

This combination is amazing! I won't eat the chocolate covered strawberry Keto Bars any other way! It's the perfect blend of sweet, tart and cream - try it, you won't be disappointed!

Chocolate Strawberry Keto Bar with Cream Cheese on SwitchGrocery Canada

Ice Cream Crumble

There are so many low carb and sugar free ice creams out there now, its time to start adding toppings!  Crumble up a keto bar (I suggest Mint Chocolate!) on top of ice cream!

Chocolate Mint Keto Bar on Ice Cream on SwitchGrocery Canada

As a Crust for Cheesecake!

Cheesecake is already easy to make low carb and sugar free, so why not improve on the normal boring crust! Grind up 2 keto bars (I suggest Chocolate Covered Strawberry) and press into a crust in a pan.  Then pre-bake at 350F for 10minutes, and prepare cheesecake as normal. 

 Keto Bar on a crust for Cheesecake on SwitchGrocery Canada

Recipe Credit - @holy_fats

Mug Cakes!

We all love mug cakes! I love making mine with Bake in a Minute.  Why not make it even better and crumble up a keto bar into your mug cake!?!

Keto Bar in Mug Bread on SwitchGrocery Canada

Recipe Credit - @notyamuthazketo


These recipe for a lwo carb PB&J looks amazing!  Start with Low Carb Bread (Bake in a minute loaf!!!), sugar free strawberry jam and a Chocolate PB Keto Bar! Melt the KEto Bar down and mix with 1 tablespoon of butter, and then spread on the bread and enjoy!

Keto Bar Peanut butter & Jam with Bake in a minute on SwitchGrocery Canada

Recipe Credit - @liftingiscake


Home Made low carb ice cream with Keto Chow meal replacement shakes and Keto Bars. Freeze your Keto Bar for 30 minutes, remove from freezer, cut in half and layer ice cream in the middle! Remember to place back in the freezer to set ice cream for approx 5 minutes! And we got recipes and step by step for home made ice cream and ice cream sandwich


Ice Cream Sandwich recipe from SwitchGrocery with Keto Bars and Keto Chow


We're very proud to carry Keto Bars and carry them in our shop! If you want to learn more about them and Jon's story, please check out their website!


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