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What does it mean to be Vegan?
A vegan is someone who does not eat or use animal products. Unlike a vegetarian diet - where people don't eat meat or fish - a vegan diet avoids all animal products like dairy, eggs, honey, meat and fish.

Should You Become Vegan?

  • Do you love animals and want to protect them?
  • Do you want to do your part to save the environment?
  • Do you want to become healthier? 

If you answered "Yes" to any of the above questions, veganism might be for you.

Here are some ways that veganism may improve your life:

  1. A reported Lower Risk for Heart Disease! According to the Heart and Stroke foundation of Canada, Avoiding animal products may lower your cholesterol and blood pressure, helping to protect your heart.
  2. Love Fruits and Vegetables? The Vegan diet is rich in fruits and vegetables, which contain many nutrients, many of which are essential for you to be at your best.
  3. Eating Vegan can help manage Diabetes! The vegan diet is typically rich in whole foods and plant foods that have a low glycemic index, which has been shown to help keep your blood sugar under control.
  4. Vegan diets may protect against cancer! Farmed animals typically receive hormones. These high levels of hormones transfer onto animal products. Consumption of animal products with high levels of hormones may increase your risk of certain cancers.
  5. Help support animal welfare! Veganism promotes the welfare of animals and the environment. 

    How do You Become Vegan?
    A vegan diet excludes animals and any of their by-products.

    What not to eat: 
  • Any form of meat, poultry, fish, eggs, honey, milk or dairy products and products that contain animal-derived ingredients.

Sneaky items to watch out for:

  • Gelatin (prepared from collagen taken from animal body parts), used in many sweets, like fruit snacks, frosting and other confections.
  • Confectioner's Glaze -- contains shellac, which is made from crushed bugs.
  • Egg wash on the outside of baked goods.
  • Natural flavours derived from chicken or dairy

What to Eat:

  • Grains, beans, nuts, seeds, mushrooms, oils and vinegar, herbs and spices, condiments and sauces, fruits and vegetables
  • Tofu (made from whole soybeans), beans and lentils, seitan (made of wheat flour), nuts, and seeds.

What about "May Contain" Products?
Sometimes a food product doesn't have an ingredient listed but is labelled as "may contain..." or "may contain traces of..." 

This means that the product is produced in a shared facility where other non-vegan products are also produced, so there may be cross-contamination. Therefore, it is up to an individual's discretion as to whether they chose to consume the product.

What vegan foods would we recommend?

SwitchGrocery has many different vegan foods in our online store.   We deliver your favourite vegan groceries all over Canada!

Some of our favourite vegan foods are:

Enjoy delicious wraps from Live Organic! These wraps are made entirely from vegetables and are so delicious!

Love that creamy coffee but don’t want the dairy?  Try JOI Plant Based Concentrates for that delicious almond milk, oat milk or cashew milk!

Protein can be hard to find when eating vegan, so try Philosophie Superfood protein powders, made with hemp protein!!

Curl up on the couch with Snacker Yogi puffed lotus seeds in three delicious flavours.

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