Episode 5 Tasting Keto Chow

Episode 5: SwitchGrocery Tasting Show - Keto Chow Pudding

In this weeks episode of the SwitchGrocery Tasting Show, we taste two Keto Chow flavours and show you how Neha makes her favourite Keto Chow Chia pudding!

What is Keto Chow (timestamp 2:30 and 9:25)

Keto Chow is a complete meal replacement shake that is made for people following the keto diet.  My favourite thing about it, other than how delicious it is, is that it is fully customizable.  You can add as much or as little fat as you need to make it fit your lifestyle.  

Keto Chow Tasting (timestamp 5:00)

Neha tried Chocolate Peanut Butter and a mix of Strawberry and Banana.   Check out the video at timestamp 5:00 to see what she thinks of both.  

One of the great things about Keto Chow is that you can mix and match flavours.  Neha tried Strawberry Banana (just do 1/2 serving of each if making 1 shake) and they go so well together.  Other favourite combinations are Chocolate + Raspberry Cheesecake, Banana + Chocolate Peanut Butter and really anything else you can think of! 

Keto Chow Chia Pudding (timestamp 12:00)

Neha made her favourite Keto Chow Chia Pudding!


She makes this chia pudding because sometimes you want Keto Chow but don't want to drink a shake, you want to eat something and this chia pudding is perfect for that! It's full of amazing ingredients and is so delicious.  You can also customize this however you want.  Neha adds Muskoka Mornings Egg White Protein Powder to add some extra protein and Burlap & Barrel spices for extra flavour, but you can do whatever you want and experiment with it! 

Thank you so much for watching Episode 5 and see you next week! 

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