how to order Keto Starbucks canada

How to Order Keto at Starbucks

Here is an easy guide to ordering sugar free, low carb, dairy free and keto friendly Starbucks drinks and meals to fit your lifestyle in Canada. These hot and iced drinks will have you sipping sugar free at Starbucks all year long!

We bought every drink and meal to go ourselves, using the Starbucks Canada mobile app where possible (look for the “*“ throughout the blog to know which items can be ordered through the Starbucks App). 

We cover coffee and meal options and include important tips and tricks in both sections. If you can't make it to Starbucks, we have options for you to make these drinks at home!

Coffee-Based Beverages

Any Starbucks coffee based drink has a ton of options to keep your drink low carb and sugar free.

  • Choose any of these cold coffee options
  • then add your preferred dairy or dairy free option - or bring your own like JOI Dairy Free Nut Milk or Omega Power Creamer
  • add any syrups or sweeteners (see chart below) - or bring your own like Sweet Monk

*The calories and carbs listed under each coffee-based beverage is based on no add-ins.*

Iced Coffee or Cold Brew*
Freshly brewed Starbucks Iced Coffee Blend served chilled over ice.
5 calories, 0g carbs 
Tip: Make sure to ask for no Classic Syrup as the original contains cane sugar.

Keto Starbucks canada Americano coffee

Iced Caffe Americano*
Espresso shots topped with cold water produce a light layer of crema, then served over ice. 
15 calories, 2g carbs 
Tip: Want the richness, but limiting your caffeine? Ask the barista to make this a decaf iced americano. You can also ask for ⅓, ⅔, or ½ decaf so you don’t have to sacrifice richness for caffeine.

Nitro Cold Brew*
Small-batch cold brew that is slow-steeped for a super-smooth taste and infused with nitrogen to create a sweet flavour without sugar and cascading, velvety crema. 
5 calories, 0g carbs
Tip: If you want some extra sweetness and don’t mind a few extra carbs, you can order the Nitro Cold Brew with Sweet Cream. It’s the original Nitro Cold Brew topped with a float of house-made vanilla sweet cream (70 calories, 5g carbs).

Dairy / Dairy Free / Sugar Free Options

Dairy/ Dairy Alternatives

Sugar Free Alternatives

Light Splash Half & Half Cream 

Sugar Free Vanilla Syrup

Light Splash Heavy Cream


Splash of Almond Milk

Stevia in the Raw 

Try SweetMonk Sweetener as an easy and convenient sugar free sweetener! Keep this in your purse or backpack to add to your coffees or teas.

Keto Starbucks canada sugar free iced coffee

Keto Frappuccino 
Coffee is combined with cream, then blended with ice to give you a thicker, creamy blended coffee option.
Keto Starbucks canada Frappuccino sugar free syrup

How To Order:

  • Grande Iced Coffee
  • Light Splash of: Almond Milk or Cream (Heavy or Half/Half)
  • With 3 Pumps of Sugar Free Vanilla syrup
  • Ask for it double blended


Keto Pumpkin Spice Iced Coffee (available in late summer/ August)
Iced coffee but make it a Keto-friendly pumpkin spice flavour! This order does contain sugar, but we're not missing out on this classic fall flavour so we made it more low carb than the original!

Keto low carb pumpkin spice iced coffee 

How To Order:

  • Grande Iced Coffee
  • Light Splash of: Almond Milk or Cream (Heavy or Half/Half)
  • With 3 Pumps of Sugar Free Vanilla 
  • 1 pump Pumpkin Sauce
  • Add extra pumpkin spice topping

Iced Teas

The Keto Pink Drink
A blend of hibiscus, lemongrass and apple sweetened just right and hand shaken with ice. A refreshingly vibrant tea infused with the colour of passion

How To Order:

  • Grande
  • Unsweetened Iced Passion Tango Tea
  • 3 pump Sugar Free Vanilla syrup
  • Light Splash of: Almond Milk or Cream (Heavy or Half/Half)
  • Tip: This cream may break up in the drink and look like floating pieces! that's okay - keep shaking it up! 


Starbucks Keto pink drink canada


Unsweetened Iced Passion Tango Tea*
It’s the Keto Pink Drink dairy free! A refreshingly vibrant tea infused with the colour of passion.

How To Order

  • Grande
  • Unsweetened Iced Passion Tango Tea
  • 3 pump Sugar Free Vanilla syrup 
Sugar Free Keto Starbucks canada iced passion tea drink

Iced London Fog Tea Latte
Bright, citrusy spark of bergamot blends with subtle hints of lavender to create this delicious reinvention of a classic Earl Grey tea.

How To Order:

  • Grande
  • 4 pumps Sugar Free Vanilla syrup (No Regular Vanilla Syrup)
    • Or 1 packet of Stevia 
  • Light Splash of: Almond Milk or Cream (Heavy or Half/Half)


Keto Starbucks iced London fog tea

 Starbucks Drinks - Important Tips

Macros/ nutrition from add-ins may vary from store to store (ie: A light splash of heavy cream can vary from 1 tbsp to 4 tbsp depending on the barista. That means calories can go from 50 to 200 quickly and carbs can go from 1g to 4g).
    • If you can, a great option is to pre-measure your cream to bring with you. This saves on the guessing game of how much dairy they’ve added in your drink - if you are tracking macros.

Keep in mind that Sugar Free Syrups do have carbs. Generally, 2 pumps of sugar free syrups is 1g carbs.

These tips can be applied to any coffee shop too! Ask if they have sugar free alternatives or just enjoy a cold brew black or with a splash of cream/ almond milk.

    To-Go Food

    Bacon & Gruyere Sous-Vide Egg Bites
    This is a higher protein convenient low carb and gluten free breakfast or snack. The egg bites are prepared using the French "sous vide" technique and with Aged Gruyère and Monterey Jack cheeses and applewood-smoked bacon. 

    Nutritional Information: 320 calories, 6g carbs (5g net carbs)

    Egg White & Roasted Red Pepper Sous-Vide Egg Bites
    Using egg whites and the sous vide technique with Monterey Jack cheese, spinach and fire-roasted red peppers, these egg bites are a bit higher in carbs. Although higher in carbs, they are still gluten free and grain free and a lower calorie compared to the bacon and gruyere option. 

    Nutritional Information: 170 calories, 11g carbs

    Ham, Cheddar & Peppers Sous Vide Egg Bites
    Diced ham with roasted red and green peppers. Although higher in carbs, they are lower calorie compared to the bacon and gruyere option but still offer a high-protein breakfast that's convenient.

    Nutritional Information: 170 calories, 11g carbs


    Artisan Charcuterie Box

    A meal for on-the-go: cacciatore salami, fontinello cheese and breadsticks! Keep it low carb and grain free by getting rid of the breadsticks.

    Nutritional Information (approximate):
    1 Serving Cacciatore (30g) (100 calories, 0g carbs)
    1 Serving Fontinello Cheese (20g) (100 calories, 0g carbs)

    low carb Keto Starbucks canada food snack options

     Egg & Cheese Protein Box

    This grab and go box comes with; two cage-free hard boiled eggs, sliced tart apples, grapes and white Cheddar cheese with multigrain muesli bread and honey peanut butter. Make it low carb by tossing the bread and eliminating or limiting the fruit.

    Nutritional Information (approximate):
    1 Serving Honey Peanut Butter (90 calories, 4g carbs [3g net carbs])
    2 Hard Boiled Eggs (140 calories, 2g carbs)
    1 Serving (15g) White Cheddar Cheese (60 calories, 0.5g carbs)

    low carb Keto Starbucks canada snack protein box

    Marble Cheese Stick

    Marble cheese is delicious on its own as a snack with your coffee or added to your lunch. This is a great snack for kids and adults on road trips.

    Nutritional Information: 70 calories, 0g carbs

    Avocado Spread

    You can add this to your sous vide egg bites or pair with any crackers you may have on the go or just eat out of the pack! This is packaged avocado mixed with a touch of spices and lime. This is also a great snack for kids and adults for a day at the park.

    Nutritional Information: 90 calories, 5g carbs (1g net)

    Tip: Keep a bag of Eve’s Crackers or Live Organic Crackers on hand to dip with this low carb avocado spread! Makes for a great on the go picnic or road trip snack!

    Starbucks Meals & Snacks - Important Info

    Are the Starbucks Canada egg bites gluten free and dairy free? There is no gluten in the ingredients but this is an unpackaged product and Starbucks uses shared equipment to store, prepare and serve them. The egg bites are not dairy free as the first ingredient is cottage cheese.

    How are the ingredients for the egg bites? This depends on your goal. If you avoid any ingredients you cannot pronounce, these are not for you. If you want the convenience of an overall healthier option compared to what else is available, these are a decent option! The egg bites contain carrageenan, maltodextrin, gums, flavours BUT they are less than 2% of the cottage cheese which is the first ingredient. There is also potato starch and a mold inhibiter. The bacon as no added nitrates. You can find the ingredients on the Starbucks Canada website.

    How are the ingredients for the protein boxes? This again depends on your goal. The meat is not nitrate free and the bread sticks are made with wheat flour (not gluten free). 

    In the egg and cheese protein box, there is added sugar in the pita and peanut butter, but it is not the first ingredient. The pita is not gluten free but does have flax seeds, barley grits and millet in addition to the wheat.  You can check out the ingredients in full here



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