List of 10 obstacles you face on Keto

Ten Obstacles on Keto & How To Overcome Them

We've tackled some of the biggest challenges with Keto. If you're missing a certain food or craving an old favourite, we've found solutions to those obstacles.

Read on if you:

  • are new to Keto
  • are looking for low carb and sugar free options to help you manage your diabetes
  • are on the hunt for sugar free treats for your family
  • nutrient dense foods are important to you

Want to skip the line? Check out this list for what you're missing with Keto:

  1. Miss that Dessert Life
  2. Bulletproof Your Coffee
  3. I Miss Bread
  4. Clean, Keto Protein Powder
  5. I Need More Healthy Fat
  6. Quick and Easy Meal Prep Ideas
  7. Missing Sweets
  8. Quick Snack Ideas
  9. I Need More Flavour and Spice 
  10. Night Time Drinks


    I Need Sugar Free Dessert

    A DELICIOUS and EASY TO MAKE dessert is probably the biggest thing people on Keto miss.

    Good Dee's Baking Mixes are: 

    • Minimal ingredients: only  2 – 3 extra ingredients 
    • Sunflower seed or almond flour based
    • Easy low carb recipes in under an hour like Keto brownies, pancakes, muffins, bread, etc.
    • Sweetened with stevia and erythritol

    Good Dee's Keto Brownie Review on SwitchGrocery Canada


    Amp Up My Coffee

    A fatty coffee otherwise known as a Bulletproof Coffee is a cornerstone of the keto diet because it keeps you satiated. Supercharge your morning coffee with Lee's Ghee Brown Butter or Great Canadian Maple. 

    Why Lee’s Ghee is such a hit: Certified organic and small batch ghee in Canada delivers on taste buds. 




    Lee's Ghee Brown Butter Review on SwitchGrocery Canada


    The newest addition to our Keto coffee line up is from Omega Power CreamerWith an easy squeeze, you can add a blend of grassfed Ghee, organic coconut oil and MCT oil to your coffee or shake!

    Don't forget about sugar free sweetener in your coffee - SweetMonk Monk Fruit Sweetener is the OG monk fruit sweetener.


    SweetMonk Keto sweetener Monk Fruit Review


    I Miss Bread

    Bake in a Minute Bread Mixes really helped me stop missing pre-Keto bread!

    They come in 3 options: 

    • Original - almond flour based
    • Sunflower Seed - a nut free option (tastes like rye bread!)
    • Mug Bread - make bread in 90 seconds!

    My go to to make with Bake in a Minute are:

    Bake in a minute keto bread mix review on SwitchGrocery Canada


    Good Dee's Mixes also have bread options: 

    • Corn Free Bread - add in extras to keep things interesting (recipe)
    • Cracker Biscuit - make for easy breakfast biscuits (recipe)
    • Multi Purpose Bread - create dinner rolls or even focaccia 

    I Need Protein

    More than just a protein blend - these blends are full of amazing superfoods like Reishi, spirulina, camu camu, maca. The purpose of Philosophie Superfooods is to save you time and money from buying more superfoods to live your best life

    • 4 flavours: Cacao Magic, Pumpkin Pie, Berry Bliss, and Green Dream
    • 10g of clean protein 
    • No fillers or sweeteners 
    • Try them out in: coffees (Cacao Magic), Hot Chocolate (recipe), Smoothies (All), Pesto/Sauces (Recipe - Green Dream) and Chia Puddings (recipe) and dressings!

    Philosophie Cacao Magic Review


    I Need Healthy Fats

    Upping more fat in my diet is what really changed the game for me on keto (even when I was pregnant and low carb) healthy fats just keep me satiated.

    Try Pili Nuts from Pili Hunters 

    • Highest fat and lowest carbohydrate content of any nut
    • Perfect on the go – purse, stroller, car, office desk drawer, gym bag!


    Pili Hunters Pili keto Nut Review on SwitchGrocery Canada

    Add in Peanut Butter

    • Fatso is peanut butter on another level -  added coconut oil, avocado oil, MCT oil, chia seed, and flax.
    • Three amazing flavours – Original, Salted Caramel and Cocoa
    • Delicious right off the spoon or check out all these Keto-friendly peanut butter infused recipes!

    Smother on the Ghee

    • Lee’s Ghee Plain Jane and 50/50 Good Fat Blends are delicious and smooth everyday fats. Great for cooking, melting over veggies, adding to coffee or really anything.
    • Omega Power Creamer - Add this to your coffees or baking for a quick healthy fat add-on with subtle flavour 

    I Need a Quick Meal

    One of our newest products has become my go to for a quick lunch - Keto Chow!

    Keto Chow:

    • A nutritionally complete meal replacement shake that is delicious too!
    • Just add water, your choice of fat (like butter, ghee, or coconut oil), and shake  

    I usually make 3-4 days worth at a time (it gets better the longer you leave it in the fridge, up to 6 days), and then I just grab one for lunch.  Especially once I became a parent, I learned that it's not always possible to make lunch and I found myself just grabbing anything.  So once I found Keto Chow, and could make sure I was getting the right nutrition, I LOVED it! Check out our article on Keto Chow and the awesome founders here

    Keto Chow Chocolate Meal replacement Shake in Canada


    live. Wraps are recommended by our incredible Customer Friends when you’re starting out a low carb lifestyle.

    • 5 flavours: Turmeric, Super Green, Sundried Tomato, Chipotle, Golden Flax
    • Net Carbs - 2-5g depending on flavour.
    • Made from dehydrated veggies and flax, no grains or fillers! 

    My favourite ways to use live wraps:

    • Nachos (recipe)
    • Breakfast wraps
    • Sandwich wraps
    • "chips" and “crackers”

     Live wrap keto turmeric review



    I’m Craving Sweets/ Chocolate

    Coco Polo chocolate bars - read the review and enough said! Unique flavours like mango, hazelnut, coconut, elderberry, and cherry 

    Coco Polo Sugar Free Keto Chocolate Review on SwitchGrocery
    We also have no sugar added Keto Chocolate Chips - Use for baking or making hot chocolate! Available in Milk or Dark Chocolate these are a favourite of our Customer Friends!


    I Need Snacks

    Sweet Snacks

    My favorite go-to is Keto Bars

    • Pre-workout, breakfast, afternoon slump, after dinner snack, travel, work, breastfeeding snack (yes, me!) 
    • 4 flavours - Chocolate Peanut Butter, Dark Chocolate Coconut Almond, Mint Chocolate and the famous collab with KetoConnect, Chocolate Covered Strawberry!
    • We tried EVERY bar on the market and couldn’t find anything else that compares to the clean ingredients, macros and taste of these bars!

    Savoury Snacks

    • Pili Hunters Pili Nuts - talked about under the Healthy Fats above.
    • If you miss chips and you’re craving that savoury crunchy snack, Eve’s Crackers Black Sesame or Chili Pumpkin are your go to! Low carb and plant based, they make amazing soup toppers, salad croutons or pair with cheese on a charcuterie board.
    • Live. Organic Crackers are grain and gluten-free! With 2 tasty flavours to choose from they are delicious on their own or even used to dip with!




      I Miss Flavour and Spice

      Goal: Save money on Indian food takeout and stay keto. Did you know restaurants add sugar to curries and other dishes?


      Jaswant's Kitchen Spice Blends - Indian food made LOW CARB 

      Jaswant's Kitchen Spices Review

      Burlap & Barrel Single Origin Spices - Unique, hard to find spices now available in Canada!

      I LOVE cooking and spices are one of my favourite things to play with.  I'm always looking for different spices to amp up my food and make "boring" foods more exciting! When I found Burlap & Barrel, it was amazing - the spices are so much more flavourful than what I found in my grocery store!  I use these spices in place of my normal ones, but because they are so flavourful, you can use 1/2 the amount to start with! 


      Vancouver Island Salt Co. - Classic flaked or fine salt, plus flavoured salts

      Salt is also an important part of anyone's cooking, especially on Keto.  I had been looking for salt for a while, and was amazed to find a Canadian company! Their salt is used in some of the best restaurants in Canada, and it is so good! I use the fine and flake in my normal everyday cooking, and have also been playing with the Coffee Salt as a rub on meat and adding on veggies! 

      Feeling Saucy?


      Nightly Drinks

      Evenings and nights can be challenging and I feel very snacky! These drinks help curb those snack cravings.


      Now that we've (hopefully) solved all your Keto craving problems, watch how we bake, cook, and grill with them on our page! Join us for recipes, tips, tricks, and our amazing Customer Friend Family:

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