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Meal Prep for Dummies - Low Carb, Gluten Free, Vegetarian Options

Do you feel overwhelmed by meal prep? I definitely do. But I tried it last week - and having a few dishes prepped in the fridge or partially prepared meals made my week so much easier.

This is the week I am turning 40 and one of our previous team members, Stella, was hugely invested in meal prep called it an investment for your future self. With a busy week ahead, I want to invest the time for my future self (who will turn 40 over the weekend!) 

In our weekly live show - in one hour - I will make AS MUCH FOOD as possible. The list of dishes is below and ingredients. Every week, we go live to make, cook, interview, taste test, and this week is dedicated to COOKING AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE IN UNDER 1 HOUR. This show is for you if you dislike meal prep but understand it can really help your life AND you'd like to get inspired to get back into the kitchen and make a few easy meals.

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Timestamps to come: 

0 - 10:00 - First 10 minutes of the video - We welcome our community across Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter

10:00 - 22:30 - Good Dee’s Bread – low carb, grain free, gluten free, vegetarian, and diabetes friendly

22:30 - 33:52 JOI Coffee Creamer Recipe – dairy free, vegan coffee creamer that is creamy and delicious and good for the week!

33:52 - 46:00 Chicken marinated in Burlap & Barrel Spices, Redmond Salts. The best spices in the world, not kidding will elevate any food to make it restaurant drool worthy!

Alternative protein option - Paneer marinated in Burlap & Barrel Spices, Vancouver Island Sea Salts – Paneer is a fantastic protein and healthy fat option for vegetarians. It’s also just delicious!

46:00 - big news 2krazyketos are coming to the show Feb 28!

47:25 - next week's show - Feb 14 - will be about our new launches - Kaizen protein pasta has new launches! (vegan, low carb, high protein!)

48:35 - Feb 21 is a personal trainer, fitness expert, women's health - MightyMomJess 

51:10 - 59:10 - Superfood Protein Berries Chia Pudding – with Muskoka Mornings Egg White Protein, Philosophie Superfoods, JOI creamer

1:01:45 - Good Dee's Multi Purpose Bread Reveal

1:02:34 - end - Recap of recipes I made and 40th bday plans

Philosophie Green Dream Bars Recipe for my pre-schooler (we didn't get to this recipe but it's an amazing one, so leaving it here)

These recipes are easy to make, prep, delicious and will help me through a busy week.


The stars of these recipe:

Good Dee’s Baking Mixes – The easiest low carb, gluten free baking mixes created by a home chef, Deana.

JOI Nut Milk Base – Dairy Free Creamers that do not take up any room in your fridge - almond, cashew, and oat.

Burlap and Barrel Spices – Single Origin Spices straight from farmers that change the way your food tastes.

Redmond Salts – High Quality Salts sourced from Utah

Muskoka Mornings Egg White Protein – Sourced from Canadian eggs, an incredible source of protein.

Philosophie Superfood Powder – Created by Sophie Jaffe, Philosophie superfood blends are an easy way to add superfoods to your diet.

Vancouver Island Sea Salt – High Quality Salts sourced from our very own Vancouver Island. One of Canada's best kept secrets which literally needs to be NOT a secret anymore - Canada needs to be known for salt!


Hope you enjoyed the show and this inspires you to do something for your future self!

Thank you for watching!

- Neha

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